Bestsupplier 10 Pack Paracord Bracelet Kit Outdoor Survival Bracelet Camping Hiking Gear with Compass, Fire Starter, Whistle And Emergency Knife

10 PCS Multifunctional Paracord Bracelet

COMPASS: Military Grade Embedded Compass. Precise Orientation. Resists Abrasion and Waterproof. Fit 7.5-8.7 Inch Wrist.

EMERGENCY WHISTLE: You Can Clear And Loud To Be Heard From Miles Away. Emergency Survival.

FIRE STARTER: Magnesium Rod and Stainless Steel Knife. Wet Can Spark. Knife Can Be Removed For Easy Operation. STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE: Zigzag Shape, Sharp, Used For Cutting Ropes or Lighter. Rust Resistance. You Can Swim and Shower With It.

LIFE-SAVING LINE: 7 Core Rope. The Rope About 122 Inches after Open Paracord Bracelet. Can Withstand Up To 250 kg(550LB). Can Be Used To Stop Bleeding After Injury. The Inner Core Can Be Used As A Fishing Line And A Sewing Thread.

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