Modern Warfare 2: Tactical Knife Gameplay (27 KILL STREAK)!

Hey everyone! Currently I understand my gameplay vids don’t truly obtain that many sights, however I do not care regarding that. I really felt like uploading this video clip to show how efficient the tactical knife can be. It obtains you fast eliminates if you are stealthy sufficient, and normally could access the very least a 4 or 5 kill touch a minimum of when a game. Not every kill in this video is from the tactical knife, but a bulk of them are. On a side note, i’m really well mindful of exactly how horrible my killstreak incentives were used this video game. My finishing score this game is 30-2, and also I obtain a 27 kill streak after my first 2 deaths (the sentry gun from the airdrop really did not count to my streak). Anyways, delight in!

Kills priot to kill touch:
Tactical Knife – 2

Eliminate Streak:
Tactical Knife – 15
Magnum – 1
SMG – 5
Sentry Gun (Excluded from 27 kill streak) – 1
Harrier Airstrike – 1
Chopper Gunner – 5