Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Survival Knife – A Classic Fixed Blade Knife With A Long History

This is a fast appearance at the Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Survival Knife. The 499 pilot’s survival blade has actually been coming with members of the US Armed Forces for Generations. Made to save lives in virtually any kind of situation, the 499 truly symbolizes OKC’s pledge of being The Knife You Need When You Need A Knife. Iconic 499 survival blade brought by pilots for generations for survival in any kind of setting
UNITED STATE Army- as well as Air Force-issue survival knife. 5-inch Parkerized blade with serrated top edge. Comfortable natural leather deal with and sheath.

TOTAL LENGTH – 9.5 in (24 centimeters).
SIDE TYPE – Plain.
NATION OF ORIGIN – United States of America.
BLADE GRIND – Flat Bevel w/ Swedge.
BLADE FINISH – Zinc Phosphate.
BLADE THICKNESS – 0.17 in (0.4 cm).
BLADE MATERIAL – 1095 Carbon Steel.
BLADE LENGTH – 5 in (12.7 centimeters).
SHEATH TYPE – Belt Loop.
NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (NSN) – 7340-00-098-4327.

Survival knives are knives meant for survival purposes in a wilderness environment, typically in an emergency situation when the user has actually shed most of his/her main devices. Military systems release some kind of survival knife to pilots in the event their aircraft may be fired down. Various other survival knives are light-weight or fold in order to conserve weight and bulk as component of a larger survival package.

Prior to the late 19th century, outdoors type as well as army employees did not use blades that were notably different from the knives used by butchers. Blades were reasonably thin and also the takes care of were typically no even more than two wooden slabs secured to the tang.

Ontario Knife Company, additionally called OKC, is an American producer of knives as well as other edged tools.

Ontario Knife Company was started in 1889 in Naples, New York. The company takes its name from Ontario County, New York (not, as a common misconception holds, the district of Ontario, Canada). They are currently found in Franklinville, New York, in Cattaraugus County, where most of their products are manufactured.

Ontario knife company is most popular as a supplier of military knives. Throughout the years they have actually supplied the U.S. military with items such as the M7 bayonet, the USAF Survival Knife, the M1942 Machete, the Navy MK3 MOD 0 diving/survival knife, the M9 bayonet, and also most recently, the USMC OKC-3S Bayonet. They have actually likewise gotten an agreement to construct the Aircrew Survival Egress Knife (ASEK) Survival Knife System, selected by the United States Army to be included in its Air Warrior Equipment System. The blade was checked and approved by PM Soldier and the United States Army Soldier Systems Center to satisfy the requirements defined by the United States Army, as well as functions consist of a Plexiglas breaker, hammer, saw teeth, serrations, spear openings, lanyard opening as well as shielded guard. The system includes a plated aluminum strap cutter with changeable blades, a screwdriver as well as a developing pole. The sheath also has webbing for add-on to a MOLLE vest.

Enhancing their lineup of military concern knives, Ontario Knife Company creates a number of commercial lines including the Spec-Plus series, which showcases numerous preferred military/survival blade styles with updated manage as well as sheath designs, and the Freedom Fighter collection which showcases metal hilts and also pommels with military/survival blades. Ontario Knife Company has actually formed cooperations with other developers such as Justin Gingrich, Bram Frank, and also Bowie Knife expert and also knifemaker Bill Bagwell.

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