Marbles jet Pilot Survival Knife – $14 poor man’s ka-bar

Table top review of the Marbles jet Pilot Survival Knife. Marbles was one of the original designers of the jet pilot survival knife in the 1950s but was underbid by Camillus Cutlery to make them. Recently I found this knife on Smokey Mountain Knife Works for $14.99. At that price I had to try out this knife. The blade is a bowie style clip point that is very similar to the ka-bar. Marbles is able to make this knife for $14 because it is a thinner blade and made of stainless rather than high carbon steel. Although this knife will not take the punishment of a real ka-bar it is definitely a poor man’s alternative. It has a very intimidating look which could be very useful in a SHTF scenario. Although this knife is not perfect, it is a great addition to a collection or a budget survival knife