Survival knife made from a coin using primitive cold hammering

In a wild survival situation, steel that could hold an edge is a precious resource. Also a tiny item of steel can imply the difference between life and also death.
We desire to hammer in 2 horizontal ridges, this will make the ultimate reducing edge broader. Make certain to turn the coin every minute, such that the steel does not bend as well much. The procedure of hammering sets the metal however it additionally makes the material much more brittal.

Next we begin sharpening the edge with a small round rock, preferably made out of quartz. Pay certain attention to the problem of the edge, make sure to spend equivalent quantities of time sharpening each side of the blade.

Making a deal with, utilize the blade side to partially divide a wooden stick. After that usage 2 pieces of environment-friendly tree bark to bind the blade to the deal with. The finished survival knife took much less than 15 minutes to construct. Now allows go cut something.

The blade slices cleanly via leather. And Meat processing is easy with this knife.

The improvised survival knife did all reducing jobs effciently while holding it’s edge. Because the blade could be honed over and over once more, a single coin could supply years of reliable use. The coin’s copper-nickel metal alloy towers over all other products in terms of reducing performance and edge retention.