WEREWOLVES Outdoor Survival Multi Functional EDC Tactical 7 Core Parachute Survival Rope Bracelet With Packet Knife Self Defense (Gray)

Material:Parachute rope, stainless steel;

Color: Black/Army Green Camouflage/Gray/Silver Digital Camouflage/Black&blue Starry Camouflage/Brown Yellow;Rope length: 3.6 m;Blade length: 3.5 cm;Weight:65 g;

Feature: Parachute rope material, very sturdy and durable; detachable design, very light and convenient; Sharp blade, outdoor practical equipment;

Application: Fit for outdoor sport, especially for camping, expedition etc;

Specific: The material of parachute rope and stainless steel is very sturdy, durable beyond your imagination, easy and convenient to carry, indispensability of outdoors equipment.

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