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TOPS HKH2020 Hawke’s Hellion Survivor 2020. Mykel Hawke has actually coordinated with TOPS Knives to earn a new survival knife. Mykel has made a knife particularly for maximum function and performance for the survivor. Hawke’s years of genuine field experience as well as dirt time located most other blades lacking in one or even more locations. TOPS Knife Makers have a combined 100 years of real area, rescue, legislation, battle, as well as unique ops experience. With each other, they have actually produced one of one of the most beneficial all purpose practical survival blades ever before made.
The take care of has 2 lanyard holes for left/right or dual security. It is made from micarta which really boosts the grasp when damp as well as is created to be fatter in the center to provide optimal human hand grip, despite just how slippery from water or blood. The take care of has a divet in it to be made use of as the outlet for the fire bow drill approach.

The sheath is made from a ballistic nylon to decrease weight as well as rot, inherent with leather sheaths. It has a kydex insert shaped for the knife to make it added solid as well as extra secure. The sheath can be restrained to the leg for energetic wear or used laterally along the belt on the midsection.

This offers the blade the ideal general size to serve as both a big tool like a machete as well as a little device like a hand knife. This inherently implies the blade can NOT be as excellent as a machete for heavy cutting, neither could it be as excellent as a tiny camping/fishing blade for paring. The machete is horrible for whittling which is important for making it through and also the camp knife is horrible for doing the hefty lifting every survivor needs, like slicing to make a shelter, and so on.


General Length: 14.5″
Blade Length: 9″
Cutting Edge: 8″
Handle Length: 5″
Blade Steel: 5160 RC 56 – 58
Blade Thickness: 3/16″
Blade Coating: Black Traction Epoxy Hybrid (Powder Coat).
Weight: 1 pound. 5 oz.
Weight w/Sheath: 1 pound. 10.2 oz.

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