FOX Spartan Leonida Combat Survival Knife

FOX knives FKMD Spartan Leonida Combat Survival Knife after 3 years consistent use in the area. You be the judge of this tough military fight knife.

The Spartan Leonida Combat survival knife comes in several variations: Saw back, non saw back as well as an option of either olive or black green dull Forprene takes care of. The Spartan Leonida has a kind of stick tang and also all the mounting hardware is stainless steel. This flavor is strong make indisputable. The sheath is fibre strengthened nylon as well as is very strong as well as rigid. The saw will easily reduce up planked timber as well as via plastic barrels. The saw does not function so well on green timber as it has the tendency to block.

Remember the Spartan Leonida Combat Survival knife as the name recommends is an army knife not a bushcraft blade. A previous video clip I demonstrated how that the form of the blade is likewise good as a chopper due to the balance of weight and the knife’s belly, although rather awkward without gloved hands.
This certain knife was an EDC for 3 months.( including dusk till dawn).
On an array of Poor to Medium to Good in ability at developing knives I would certainly say you require to be Medium to Good if you mean on keeping this knife sharp. The FOX Spartan Leonida Combat Survival blade is still a present model at the time this video went live.

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