Survival Knives, Swiss Army Knives, Pocket Knives, and More!– TONS OF INFO ABOUT KNIVES IN THIS VIDEO, INCLUDING THE BEAR GRYLLS ULTIMATE SURVIVAL KNIFE!! In his lengthiest video yet, SnoMan shows you numerous dozen blades of all kinds, for every circumstance. Swiss Army blades, penknife, rescue tools, survival knives, diving blades, Cold Steel blades, folders and also dealt with blades, camping knives, hunting knives, customized blades … He talks about various sort of sheaths, Stainless Steel versus Carbon Steel, full flavor blades, different kinds of grasps, the best ways to check the edge of your knife, smooth versus serrated blade … the information goes on almost for life. When you get to the end of this info-packed knife extravaganza, you’ll be depressing it’s over, of course, however you’ll know more concerning blades than you ever have previously.