Gerber LMF II Infantry is NOT A SURVIVAL KNIFE Browse through my website.

This is the coolest looking blade I’ve seen. Regrettable it evaluates a lot and can’t also cut. Unless you’re a pilot, avoid the Gerber LMF II.

This Gerber LMF II was created for pilot egress and survival. The serrated blade as well as pommel are limited to certain jobs such as egress via cabin glass, aluminum aircraft skin, and cutting webbing and also seat belts.

However those 2 features-the serrations and the butt cap smasher-get in the means of bushcraft associated jobs. The pommel, which is awesome without a doubt, added a lot to the general weight of the blade that it was much too fantastic a weight fine to even think about adding it to an insect out bag. Or else, the discovered the design versatile as well as interesting.

Initially, the sheath is “jump ready”. It was a little also tight for my preference. It was like arm battling a bear each time I wanted to unsheath it, though it might have been individual mistake. It was a strong sheath though, and also offers great range of molle accessory choices. The actual treasure right here is the integrated in sharpener. What a great idea. No hollow manage nonsene, simply solid engineering. As long as you have a sheath, you have a sharp knife.

Are you reviewing this blade makers? Better still, make sheaths that are capable of adding numerous tools like a sharpener, fire striker, file, screwdriver, seat belt cutter, bags.

Anyway, the weight charge is much too terrific, especially when the knife has ZERO chopping capabilities. Survivalists steer clear of this knife.