Homemade MICRO Survival Knife, Mack 2.1 [prototype]

Here’s one feasible application for my Do It Yourself, “Mack 2” mini razor blade knife, I create as an experiment. It’s was just a speculative prototype, not a finished product.

Survival kits and survival knives are ONLY good if you have them on you for unanticipated emergencies, thus making them as light and also tiny as feasible methods individuals are far more likely to carry them around in day-to-day life since large/heavy ones are an annoyance. Did you hear the one concerning the survival “professional” who opted for a walk, entered a jam, and passed away due to the fact that he didn’t bother to bring his survival kit he left in his cars and truck? Don’t let this occur to you!

I decided making the basic tutorial of ways to develop both Mack 1 & 2 age limited. Here’s the guide howto video:

Razor knives threaten so keep them unreachable of children as well as if you put one on your key chain do not fail to remember about it, like when you pass with a safety and security checkpoint, considering that the TSA, and so on possibly will not allow them.