Boiling Water With Just a Knife

A steel cooking container is simple to consider provided. I lay out with the objective of boiling water utilizing only a knife. I had an approximation of just how I wished to achieve this, but needed to make some modifications along the road.

I have seen numerous demonstrations as well as designs for bark containers that will hold water as well as originally meant to make a variant of a canoe bailer that was used by the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest; and also press that right into solution as a stone boiling container. These are typically made from the bark of the western red cedar, but I picked to utilize huge fallen leave maple due to the fact that I didn’t intend to infect the water with the oils in the cedar bark. Indigenous individuals in this area steamed water in wooden boxes made from curved planks of western red cedar, yet I wasn’t certain if it would be recommended to consume water boiled in the bark of that varieties.

Things didn’t go specifically as prepared, but I found out some lessons and also finished up with something of a hybrid style, integrating folded and pinned corners with a rigid facility area. Since the outer bark was not eliminated from the facility section, it created a really sturdy container that held water and also could be quickly picked up as well as moved.

Going down hot rocks into the water caused an almost prompt boil and remarkably clear water. I allow it rest enough time to cool as well as was able to consume directly from the edge of the container.

One of the most shocking point to me was exactly how little taste the bark conveyed to the water. It definitely tasted a little bit like the odor of fresh bark yet it was light. I imagine this can be various with bark from a more pungent varieties.

After the stone steaming experiment, I was curious just how the container would certainly get on when placed directly on the coals, wonder if it would steam water much like a paper cup in the fire. While it did eventually steam, it took virtually a half hour as well as the warmth transferred a whole lot even more of the tannins in the bark into the water. Obviously it also wound up loaded with ash as well as the warmth primarily destroyed the vessel.

Rock boiling is the way to go if you have accessibility to rocks, however it behaves to recognize that it is still feasible to steam water without them.

I didn’t wish to pour out water that I had spent a lot time tending, but the suggestion of waiting around to consume an ashy slurry of orange water really did not seem appealing either, so I seized the day to do some cooking with it rather.


A Note on The Use of a Living Tree

While I absolutely really did not do this young maple any type of favors, I really felt that this was a proper harvest. I selected a young tree with some existing damages growing on the edge of a river floodplain. After snuffing out the fire, I returned as well as reduce the stump down easily with a saw, and also the stump will likely be sending out up brand-new shoots.

Maples are extremely durable and typically restore after being reduced. I am uncertain if the tree will certainly survive long term, yet professionally collecting living trees has belonged of human history for as long as we have actually been humans.

Whether this is proper depends on a number of factors consisting of varieties, area, as well as policies, so it is very important to do your research as well as some thinking of the neighborhood ecology prior to collecting any kind of living plants.


Suggestions, concerns, and also remarks are constantly welcome and appreciated.

Products Used

Blade: Modified Tops Tom Brown Tracker (on funding from a pal).

Bark Container & Bow Drill Cordage: Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum).

Bow Drill Set: Grand Fir (Abies grandis).


Jebase– Relax.

Ikson– Relfect.

Luca Stricagnoli – The Last of the Mohicans (Guitar).