Gerber LMF 2 pilot survival knife,cts-bd1n,Yaxell,S90V,s110v,m390,lc200,s90v,cts-b70p,cts-b75p,sg2

As Defense/Hunting blade: 6/10
As survival knife: 7/10
Comfort designs: 6/10
Style: 7/10
Top quality: 6/10
Material: 6/10
Implementation: 6/10
Value: 6/10
– Overall length: 10.59″ (26.899 centimeters).
– Blade size: 4.84″ (12.29 cm).
– Weight without sheath: 11.67 oz (0.331 kg).
– Weight with sheath: 24.28 oz (0.688 kg).
– Blade product: 12C27 stainless-steel (old design, the knife in this testimonial should still be the 12C27 model),.
– Current version is 420HC stainless steel.
– Handle product: partial flavor, with glass filed nylon with TPV overmold (TPV is commonly utilized as electrical insulation material, has a rubbery feel to it).
– Sheath material: Ballistic nylon with fire resistant finish.
– Price paid: 400 NZD/285 USD Retail price currently must truly be 124 US dollars.
Favorable factors:.
– Functional blade design for both basic energy and also emergency discharge usage:.
▪ Very strong pointer.
▪ Serration for puncturing tough materials (Such as fuselage on a little aircraft).
▪ Very thick blade for taken full advantage of toughness in survival usage( batoning or digging).
▪ Sabre grind for splitting wood.
– 12C27 stainless-steel (Old model) or 420HC stainless steel (Current design) must be both relatively tough for survival usage due to relatively lower carbon web content, additionally proficient at withstand rust.
Knife is extremely strong as confirmed by numerous Youtube reviewer’s field examinations.
– Low representation blade coating for low exposure as well as rust prevention.
– Adequate functional designs.
– Oversized manage for wide variety of users’ hand size.
– Not really pronounced hand guard( on the back), won’t get in the means of battoning use, will not obtain in the method of fine cutting, yet offers some good retention in hand for thrusting attacks.
– Good handle traction because of rubberized finish and also a little curved/raised butt cap.
– Part flavor building with electrically protected butt cap must you need to puncture the body of the air plane or energized cable television( See image below).
– Butt cap could be utilized as an improvised hammer.
– Glass breaker on butt cap for bashing however possibly lethal strikes, likewise made for breaking acrylic/plexy glass on aircraft canopies.
Knife could be lashed onto an adhere to make improvisated spear because of multiple eyelashing holes as well as deal with shape.
– Large lanyard hole offered.
– The rear of the blade is not really smoothed out but can begin fire with a fire starter.
– Sheath:.
– Can be reverse( upside down) lugged without locking.
Knife is extra secure in sheath due to 3 preserving system( Two straps and snap on sheath), since this knife was designed for pilots, it’s meant to be safe to lug during parachuting.
– Multi method lugging choices (on waistline, leg, or vest) and also really safe retention with numerous bands.
– Drainage on sheath as an outcome of the sharpener.
Knife can be put ambidextrously.
– Built in area sharpener with exchangeable blades.
– Rugged building and construction with fire retardant attributes.
– Strong bands with rubberized texturing stitched in for extra convenience throughout carry.
– Para cable cutter with lug bag( Can probally utilize it to bring something a lot more helpful like a small multitool instead) as well as exchangeable blades.
Adverse factors:.
– Blade is not sharp in any way, at least in my instance.
– The edge angle on blade is very high (probablly around 25 degrees per side, for that reason does not attack right into material effectively), a minimum of in my situation.
– The blade is not great at side holding, at the very least in my instance (They transformed the blade steel to 420HC for the present manufacturing, perhaps it makes a difference now?).
Knife cannot be uncoupled for any type of maintenance.
– Very thick blade supply and also work, not really good for reducing lots of things.
– Quite hefty for a lot of civilian individuals.
– Quite hefty to use as a combating blade.
– Not onward heavy for slicing as a result of heavy butt cap( hammer as well as glass breaker).
– Handle is not very comfortable for tiny sized customers as a result of extremely thick and also blocky (Also as a result of the hollowing on deal with for eyelashing the pole for spear production) The rubberized grasp does not feel very soft.
– Hammer feature and the glass breaker is not extremely simple to make use of, as well as not so useful for many of consumers, but still includes the extra weight to the blade.
– Blade not very long for batoning or chopping use.
– Back of the hand guard( Covered by rubber like material) can get harmed throughout batoning usage if not utilized appropriately.
– Para cord/belt cutter is of very bad top quality, does not cut anything as well as it will just jam the material. (This is quite a frustration from Gerber. Not sure about their existing model).