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SOG Creed blade (Recent manufacturing version).
Testimonial Recap.

As Defense/Hunting knife: 8/10.
As survival blade: 6/10.
Ergonomics: 6/10.
Design: 6/10.
High quality: 8/10.
Product: 7/10.
Deployment: 6/10.
Value: 6/10.

– Overall length: 12.13″ (30.8 cm).
– Blade size: 7.5″ (19.05 centimeters).
– Weight: 12.8 oz (0.362 kg).
– Blade material: AUS-8 stainless-steel.
– Handle product: full flavor, framed by Kratonhandle.
– Sheath product: Leather.
– Place of beginning: Taiwan.
– Price paid: 300 NZD/220 USD (Currency conversion price at the time: 0.73 USD = 1 NZD) New Zealand retailprice.
Keep in mind: Highlighted factors are the ones shown to SOG trident blade.
Positive factors:.
– Unique practical blade design for both generalutility as well as protection usage:.
– Pointy however strong tip for thrusting.
– Good belly for slice cutting.
– Forward weight suitable for slicing.
– Fuller minimizes some weight from the blade.
– Rubbery grip with appearance provides excellent grasp.
– Finger grooves on the knife is much better compared to the ones on SOG trident 2.0 (Creed ones are better positioned).
– Sheath band is far better than SOG trident 2.0 one (Creed one has a loop over the hand guard for better protection).
– Have a leg band.
– Full hand guard for fighting use.
– Full tang building.
– Superior intensity.
– Flat butt cap could be utilized as an improvisated hammer.
– Thick and solid blade– Nearly 1/4 inch thick.
– Overall very excellent high quality on the knife and sheath.
– Highly refined blade is excellent to stand up to rusting.
– Aus-8 is a fantastic selection for ease of sharpening and also durability for a huge blade. Great in tarnish resistance also.
– Has a lanyard opening on knife.

Adverse points:.
– Button in the sheath is not flush with the sheath leather, it gets in the means whether the blade can be found in or out (It does not starch the knife due to the fact that it’s plastic but it may be cut up by the blade if not careful).
– Sheath has some stitches that are not completed extremely well.
– Blade handle has a little portion where the overmoulded deal with is not flush with the butt cap.
– Can’t be carried inverted.
– Blade strap is hard to fit about the blade( Require some adjusting of the blade).
– Not super challenging in survival usage: But cap is screwed-on construction– Reports have actually been made that they come loose when used to baton or slice orsubjected to shock.
– Leather sheath can take in wetness as well as water.
– Handle layout not especially comfortable– sludge manage with not much meat to fill out medium to large sized hands, yet no discomfort/hot area either, thetexture and rubbery feeling aids a little– so, better than SOG trident 2.0 manage.
– Butt cap is not simple for individual to take off for upkeep– calls for unique tool.
– No correct drain opening on sheath.
– Heavy knife for the dimension.– hand guard and also butt cap both made from stainless steel.
– Not an affordable knife for the material and area of origin, but blade top quality is fantastic, sheath also has great high quality.
– Sheath is not ambidextrous.

Positives based on speculations:.
– Blade finish is very refined, reflective blade great for frightening away a lot of opponents.
– Can additionally show light to signify in emergency circumstances.

Downsides based upon suppositions:.
– Can’t make use of the blade for fine cutting given that full hand guard blocks access.
– Hallow ground is not perfect for batoning either.
– Where the blade tapers towards the take care of, the blade ends up being really slim( incorporated with the high hollow work that makes it extremely slim behind the edge), presenting an extra powerlessness especially with the huge heavy suggestion of the blade duringextreme cutting.
– Screw on the butt cap looks also thinner than the one in SOG trident 2.0.
– Leather band is general not extremely solid because of the hollow center to fit though the hand guard (Plus that leather might wear away with time with climate condition).