Intense Workout Motivation Hypnosis CD – Use the Power of Your Mind to Stay Energized & Focused During Strenuous Workouts – Ideal for Power Lifters, CrossFit, HIIT Training, Athletes & Bodybuilders

DISCOVER THE SECRET TO THE PROS’ SUCCESS Many professional athletes & bodybuilders rely on hypnosis to help them power through their workouts

INCREASE YOUR MENTAL STAMINA & GET BETTER RESULTS Hypnosis removes the mental barriers that make you give up when things get difficult & can help you improve your form

NO SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY KIND Unlike performance enhancing drugs & supplements, hypnosis is good for the body and poses no health risks!

NO INTERRUPTIONS TO YOUR TRAINING SCHEDULE With day & night tracks on one CD, you can complete your daily hypnotherapy session when it’s most convenient

HYPNOSIS THAT WORKS The British and American Medical Associations endorse hypnotherapy because it’s scientifically proven. This hypnotherapy is successfully used by thousands of men and women, and it can work for you!

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