Gear Review: SOG Bladelight hunting knife

No hunt is over after the shot. In fact, that’s when much of a hardcore hunter’s real work just begins with the recovery, cleaning, and care of the meat. As many kills happen at dawn and dusk, often that gutting work happens in the dark. A buddy can hold a flashlight while you work, but those vital cavities are dark and often cleaned by feel. No more. SOG’s BladeLight Hunt is a simple answer to a problem you never knew had a solution.

The BladeLight Hunt
SOG embeds six LED lights, three on either side of the fixed blade, which put out a powerful 30 lumens. A glass-reinforced nylon handle is trimmed in orange so it’s easy to spot when you set it down in the field. In a pinch, the BladeLight Hunt even doubles as a makeshift flashlight.

The BladeLight runs on a single AAA battery for up to four hours, and we have yet to change the batteries in ours despite substantial use. In a thoughtful move, the company includes a quality leather snap sheath as well.

We have gutted numerous deer with the knife. Not only does the stainless steel blade hold an edge and take a nice sharpening, it is also durable. In an effort to clean off dried hair and blood, I’ve scraped, scrubbed, and thoroughly submerged the BladeLight Hunt, and the LED lights haven’t missed a beat or quit yet.