MAKE A DROP POINT HUNTER (Full Tang) Hunting Knife DIY

Drop Point Hunting Knife, created a buddy in the Lake District/ Australian Ringed Gidgee scales, 01 Tool Steel, Brass Liners, Red Micarta Liners, Brass Mosaic Pins, FULL Knife as well as Sheath construct throughout, Hand made Custom Knives.
I do not claim to be a professional Knife Smith and also I do not and also never have offered knives for sale. The method I do it is not necessarily the best way, It is simply a hobby Incorporating Wood functioning, Metal working and also Leather working, recreating age old working devices as in an entertainment of the 1950s British Army issue blade, Hunters Knives, skinning Knives, Fishing/ Gutting Knives and also Kitchen or Chefs Knives.
Garden Design, Outdoor Buildings, Working Knife & Tool Making.