MAY I PRESENT THE MASTERWOODSMAN BLACKBIRD the best bushcraft survival knife ever created.

WCKNIVES.COM and i have actually been functioning with each other to develop knives to be used by people in the bushcraft community.this brand-new knife layout called the masterwoodsman blackbird is the most current in the mission for the perfect bushcraft/ woodsmans knife. The blade is full tang with a 90 deg spinal column for fire preparation work.the manages are of a new deal with material called certain touch. this is made from thin layers of g-10 micarta as well as a rubber product. to make area use simple the blade is made from aebl stainless to stop rust. william collins owner and also master of wcknives has created a signature grind for his knives called the woodsmans grind.This provides a kukri like adaptability to the knife with a rounded belly for draw cuts.a well centered suggestion for making bushcraft tasks such as fireboard bow drill sets. simply in front of the take care of is a section of the edge that is extremely beneficial in cutting as well as timber carving. the pleasant area of the blade is a dream for reducing meat in food prep. the 90 deg spinal column is best for cutting wood to be utilized in building campfires and also processing kindling.or striking a ferro pole for lighting a campfire.A survival blade would be a great usage for this blade as well its functions would certainly serve will because rol or a pest out bag blade.