KUIU Kestrel Skeleton EDC Knife – Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

KUIU owner Jason Hairston and Kestrel Knives founder Nathan Creech introduce the current Kestrel Skeletal system EDC Knives. This set blade searching knife is among the world’s ideal, supplying superior performance when skinning deer, elk and also other searching kills.

The blades are crafted with titanium, making them extremely lightweight at half an ounce. They are very sharp as well as seldom dull, suggesting you don’t require to sharpen frequently.

Product specifics:

4 inch take care of
Traditional, drop point taken care of blade
Complete level grind to convex edge
Stonewash surface
6AL 4V Grade 5 Titanium
Completely corrosion-resistant (doesn’t corrosion).

One side of the searching knife is fertilized with tungsten carbide, which is very tough – simply below diamonds in regards to solidity. As the polished, titanium side wears off, it will subject more carbides on the various other – as well as in some significance is self-sharpening on specific mediums. An additional wonderful feature of this hunting blade is it gives you a microserated edge, which is great for skinning pets and also handling game.

Jason: The very first time I utilized this was in the Northwest Territory. I skinned a sheep, placed the blade away bloody, eliminated a caribou, as well as was able to skin the whole caribou that night. We don’t necessarily recommend that, nonetheless, it vouches for the toughness of this searching knife.

Nathan: It will maintain an useful edge for an extremely long time – it may really feel dull at first, nonetheless, I guarantee you if you attract suffice will certainly cut wonderfully. It is really simple to sharpen once it does get dull.

Kestrel Knives feature a custom Kydex Knife Sheath, which is heat-molded to the blade. It is pre-drilled to accept what is called a Tek-Lok, which is a small clip that allows attachment of the knife sheath to your shoulder band or belt.

The 2nd blade sheath offered is called Ultra-light Velcro. It is 2 items of velcro that have actually been seam-welded near the bottom and has a button breeze at the top. Unlike the Kydex Knife Sheath, Ultra-light Velcro is not difficult plastic and does not protect your hunting blade from international objects specifically well. It is, nevertheless, best and also exceptionally lightweight for hunting journeys when weight is of many relevance. The Kestrel Skeleton EDC Knife and Kydex Knife Sheath combined weigh one ounce. The Kestrel Skeleton EDC Knife as well as Ultra-light Velcro incorporated evaluate three-quarters of an ounce.

In general, the Kestrel Skeleton EDC Knife is very long lasting, lightweight as well as one of the best searching and skinning blades available.